Aqua-Consult Ingenieros (A-CING) is a Spanish engineering and consultancy company specialized in high technologies and modern management procedures for urban water and environmental projects, and also in ICT solutions based on wireless communications.

A-CING is integrated in TPF Group, with more than 4000 employees and permanent branch offices in 4 continents.

The company provides urban water management consultancy services to the major water utilities in Spain, offering also these services in Mexico and Peru. The services include from Drainage Area Plans and Water Supply Master Plans, leakage detection services, network performance optimization to networks surveys and GIS management.

A-CING has been working for the Spanish Policy Body, Secretary of State for Information Society and Telecommunications (SETSI) from 2006 on spectrum planning and management projects.

Contact person:

Jaime Mancebo, Innovation Manager (jmancebo@a-cing.com)