Taking iMETland across the world

July 20, 2017

The iMETland wastewater treatment device is now set to be constructed worldwide. Navigating red tape and the regulatory landscape hasn’t always been straightforward, especially in Argentina and Denmark. We’ve also had to deal with some technical issues relating to the electroconductive material. But now, finally, it’s full speed ahead with the construction works.


In June, iMETland innovation partners gathered at the CENTA facilities in Seville, Spain. They looked at how Danish and Argentinian partners overcame their challenges and they defined a common strategy for rolling out fully operational units and monitoring the results.


The innovative potential of the iMETland wastewater treatment device is already being assessed at the Spanish site, in Carrion de los Céspedes, where two units have been constructed: one, with a surface of 20m2 and serving 50 p.e., has been made to obtain the CE marking (EN 12566-3) and, the second one, larger, with a surface of 40m2 and serving 100 p.e. Both are expected to reach a target of 200 p.e. of treated urban wastewater. The units now being constructed in Denmark and Argentina are based on the technical design of the two Spanish units. In Mexico, the unit is ready to be built as the electroconductive material, a key component for iMETland innovation and expected impacts, will be finally defined and made available.


The team left Spain with a strong belief that their research findings and ability to overcome technical and regulatory challenges will pave the way for rolling out iMETland devices. Today our project has a solid knowledge base that will undoubtedly serve small communities across the world.

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