Industrial Institute Students visiting iMETland unit

December 6, 2017

20 students of the Industrial Institute Pablo Tavelli were welcomed by the Vice-Director of INTEMA, Dr. Juan Pablo Busalmen who made an introduction to the activities carried out at the Institute.



Then visited the Pilot Plant for Wastewater Treatments which is part of the iMETland European Project, where Dr. Busalmen explained that this plant is one of four real-scale prototypes that exist in the world. It has the capacity to treat 25,000 liters per day of domestic wastewater without any energy costs.



This technology purifies the water to a level that allows it to be used again as irrigation water and is an alternative of low cost for the decentralized treatment of the residual water, near the point where it is produced. Then, the students visited other laboratories of INTEMA and were able to know the different researchs and developments in which they are working.



Watch here the video produced!


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