iMETland construction works in Argentina

July 18, 2017

METland units in Argentina are located into the property of The University of Mar del Plata, besides the new building of the Institute for Material Research and Technology (INTEMA), the South American partner of iMETland.


At this place, units are expected to treat not only waste water (WW) produced by the Institute building, but also that pumped from a main pipe, which collects WW from a nearby family neighbourhood (Figure 2). The plant, composed by 4 metland units with 6 m3/day treatment capacity, will work as a proof of concept for METland technology, which has the potential to help improving water management in peripheral locations around the city.


Importantly, produced clean water is expected to be used to cover the demand for irrigation and land beautification within the University campus, which is now under construction.




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