iMETland at IWA 2018

Valencia, Spain
September 30 - October 4, 2018

iMETland representatives will be active members of the Committee of the 16th International Conference of the IWA Specialist Group on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control, which will take place in Valencia from the 30th of September to October the 4th.


The main topics that will be covered by the conference include:


Wetlands, water quality and biodiversity. Biological aspects of wetlands for pollution control.

Wetlands and carbon footprint.

Uses of wetlands: agriculture, sludge treatment, industrial.

Urban wetlands: treatment of CSO.

Vegetation roles.

Wetlands improvement: aeration, nutrient removal, fuel cells…

Design tools and modelling.

Operation and maintenance: clogging, vegetation management…

Wetlands and water reuse (environmental and others).

Pesticides, persistent organic and emerging pollutants.


Case studies.


For further information, visit the conference website at the following link.


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