European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications

Naples, Italy
December, 16-18, 2015

With recession continuing to put pressure on economies worldwide, and in Europe especially, it is becoming more and more apparent that the road to sustainable development, to clean and efficient energy use, is one of precarious compromise between technological, social and economic challenges.

New technologies are a key ingredient of this radical re-conversion process demanded by the global energy scenario. They represent a chance and an opportunity to realize a radical change which may afford to conjugate development and sustainability: there lies the challenge for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, and the growing dedication to this achievement is demonstrated by policies and investments world-wide. In this framework, strong and constant collaboration between Academia, Research Institutions, industry and policymakers are vital.

The “European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications – Piero Lunghi Conference” aims to cement this collaboration, showing the scientific progress and the most modern applications of fuel cell-based technologies, to prove that the need of change is a resource to cultivate.


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