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Small scale events aimed at increasing the visibility of the iMETland technology and a visiting the iMETland water treatment units, facilitating stakeholders dialogue and encouraging market uptake

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Raising the interest of local policy makers

On September 13th, the Honorable Municipal Council of Mar de Plata region has distinguish iMETland as a project of Municipal Interest. It was by unanimity of all its members.   On October 2018 some representatives of this public government body met iMETland partners of INTEMA to ... read more

iMETland info sessions at Carrion de los Céspedes unit

iMETland is achiving impressive results at its unit and has recently opened its doors to mayors, technicians and authorities from Granada province (South East of Spain), who visited CENTA facilities and learnt about the project. Juan José Salas (technical manager, CENTA) and Arantxa ... read more

Ørby Public Visit and Info Sessions

iMETland is an environmentally friendly treatment plant that cleans wastewater from local communities and cottage areas around Ørby. In cooperation with local sewage miners, Ørby has shown iMETland wastewater treatment plant towards local stakeholders and citizens.   Several ... read more
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