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iMETland was born locally but incorporates a global applicability potential. Local events aim to bring innovation closer to local stakeholders and citizens, while, network events aim to promote project results towards global stakeholders and stimulate replication

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INTEMA opening its doors to seconday students

Our colleagues and partners in ARGENTINA researchers lead an awareness raising project towards young kids about our wastewater treatment device, whose key is a bacterial depuration mechanism.   The idea is to teach that water is a scarce resource and, therefore, practices can be ... read more

Raising the interest of local policy makers

On September 13th, the Honorable Municipal Council of Mar de Plata region has distinguish iMETland as a project of Municipal Interest. It was by unanimity of all its members.   On October 2018 some representatives of this public government body met iMETland partners of INTEMA to ... read more

iMETland info sessions at Carrion de los Céspedes unit

iMETland is achiving impressive results at its unit and has recently opened its doors to mayors, technicians and authorities from Granada province (South East of Spain), who visited CENTA facilities and learnt about the project. Juan José Salas (technical manager, CENTA) and Arantxa ... read more

Ørby Public Visit and Info Sessions

iMETland is an environmentally friendly treatment plant that cleans wastewater from local communities and cottage areas around Ørby. In cooperation with local sewage miners, Ørby has shown iMETland wastewater treatment plant towards local stakeholders and citizens.   Several ... read more

Join iMETland Final Conference

Brussels, Belgium
December 14, 2018
Who said constructed wetland technology was not a high-tech treatment for cleaning-up wastewater?   Since 2016, H2020 programme from EU is funding iMETland,  a project fully devoted to construct and validate a full-scale application of a low-cost, eco-friendly microbial ... read more
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European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications

Naples, Italy
December, 16-18, 2015
With recession continuing to put pressure on economies worldwide, and in Europe especially, it is becoming more and more apparent that the road to sustainable development, to clean and efficient energy use, is one of precarious compromise between technological, social and economic ... read more

International Water Summit

Abu Dhabi
January, 18 - 21, 2016
The International Water Summit (IWS) is the leading global meeting point for showcasing and developing solutions for water sustainability in arid regions. Over four days in January 2015, IWS brought together government leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, policymakers and ... read more

Kloakmessen 2016

Messe C, Denmark
January, 28-29, 2016
Kilian Water will participate to Kloakmessen 2016, presenting about local wastewater treatment using planted filters with active aeration. Official Website

EIP Water Conference

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
February, 10, 2016
The 2016 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water will be held on 10th February 2016 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. It will carry the theme: "How is water innovation succeeding in Europe?" This 3rd EIP Water conference builds up on the success of the first two ... read more

11th International Symposium Ecohydraulics

Melbourne, Australia
February, 7-12, 2016
On behalf of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) and the National Committee on Water Engineering of Engineers Australia (EA), I am delighted to invite you to the 11th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics in Melbourne. Ecohydraulics is ... read more

Madrid Monitoring Day

Madrid Spain
June 8, 2016
Madrid Monitoring Day is an annual event dedicated to signal monitoring solutions and their implementation in companies. In the framework of an intense agenda, a-cing will show the iMETland monitoring system towards ICT stakeholders community. To know more, visit here the Madrid ... read more

13th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies

Jerez de la Frontera Spain
June 13-16, 2016
In the water scarce region of Andalucía, proper water management has always been critical for development – and for creating local wines that are globally recognized for their variety and taste. In and around Jerez, some of the latest developments of new water treatment technologies ... read more

Science Communication Event

iMETland coordinator, IMDEA Water, attended on July 24th 2016 Sunday the Science Communication Event organised by the European Commission prior to the official opening of the Euro-Science Open Forum, ESOF, in Manchester.   Under Horizon 2020, researchers are asked to engage in ... read more

iMETland at 13th IWA Specialized Conference on Small Water and Wastewater Systems

Athens Greece
September 14-16, 2016
This Conference is part of the activities of the IWA Specialist Groups on Small Water and Wastewater Systems and on Resources-Oriented Sanitation. This event is a continuation of the 12th IWA Specialized Conference on SWWS and the 4th IWA Specialized Conference on ROS which took place in ... read more


Rome Italy
September 26-28, 2016
The 3rd European Meeting of the International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology will take place in Rome (Italy) on 26-28 September 2016.  Following the tradition of previous successful EU-ISMET events (Gent 2012 and Alcalà, 2014), this 3-day meeting will bring together ... read more

a-Cing at Smart City Expo World Congress

Barcelona Spain
November 15 - 17, 2016
The leading smartcity conference is right behind the corner and iMETland innovation partner a-Cing will participate to show the innovative ICT solutions implemented.   ICT is one of the main sectors enatiled in the innovative and virtuos circle created by iMETland: a close ... read more

European Utility Week

Barcelona, Spain
November 15-17, 2016
In the framework of the European Utility Week (15-17 November 2016), a dedicated session on smart water will take place.   This crucial event will support the vision of a close cooperation between the water and energy sectors, especially when it comes to the data collection ... read more

Students of Environmental Chemistry meeting iMETland unit in CENTA

Today, iMETland innovative device was shown to 27 students of Environmental Chemistry from SAFA Technical school in Huelva.   The students had the opportunity to get first-hand experience of the different systems to treat urban wastewater implemented at CENTA facilities. As ... read more

University of Cadiz students visiting iMETland unit

On the 17th of February, a group of 21 students from the Master of Integrated Water Management of the University of Cadiz visited the spanish iMETland unit located in Carrion de los Céspedes.   They have been introduced to a real case application of their master courses, the ... read more

Waterwise Water Efficiency Conference and ICT4Water Cluster Event

Royal Society of Arts, London, UK
March, 8, 2017
The 2017 Waterwise Annual Water Efficiency Conference will be focused on Delivering Water Efficiency projects and programmes.   Once again it will provide an opportunity for key stakeholders within the water sector to come together to discuss how to further water efficiency in ... read more

iMETland at Innovation Match MX 2016-2017

Coahuila, México
May, 31st - June 2nd, 2017
Alessandro Carmona, from IMDEA Agua, will hold a speech on "iMETland: A new generation of Microbial Electrochemical Wetlands for effective decentralized wastewater treatment".   The main objectives of the Innovation Match MX 2016-2017 are to reunite Mexican Talent from the entire ... read more

Bioelectrogenic wetlands, a sustainable solution for small populations

Coordinator Abraham Esteve took part in a technical session on artificial wetlands.   Abraham Esteve, associate researcher at IMDEA Agua and IMETland Coordinator, spoke about METlands: a new generation of wetlands based on electroactive microorganisms, and showed the advances of ... read more

Water Innovation Europe

Brussels, Belgium
June 15-17, 2017
The Value of Water: the case for innovation and investment in water   Water is critical for our economy, food security, environment, and the well-being of our citizens. Water scarcity, pollution of our fresh water sources, and the effects of more frequent and intense floods and ... read more

Constructed wetlands course in Aarhus University

June, 24 - 28 2017
Department of Bioscience at Aarhus University organised the Constructed Wetlands for Water Pollution Control course from 18th to 24th of June. The aim of the course was to provide an overview of the ecology of freshwater wetlands including hydrology, wetland soil biogeochemistry, and ... read more

Wetpol 2017

Montana, USA
August, 21-25, 2017
The 7th International Symposium for Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control.   WETPOL is the preeminent global conference bringing together scientists, engineers and practitioners working on the use of wetlands for water quality improvement. To be held in the USA for the ... read more

iMETland at Science is Wonder-ful

Brussels, Belgium
September, 26-27, 2017
IMDEA has been invited to "Science is wonder-ful" Brussels, 25-27 September 2017, Parlamentarium, an ever related to Researchers' Night and aimed to secondary schools. Our hands-on workshop focus on iMETland project.   The experiment proposed for the 'Science is wonder-ful! ... read more

Porto Water Innovation Week

Porto, Portugal
24, 30 September 2017
The 2017 edition of EIP Water Conference this autumn in Porto is centerd around “Water Innovation: Bridging Gaps, Creating Opportunities”. Innovative solutions to address major European and global water challenges will be on the table. At the same time, other issues to be explored will ... read more

Nordiwa – Nordic Wastewater Conference

Aarhus, Denmark
October, 10-12, 2017
Leading Nordic event for water professionals – experts and practitioners, managers and operators: utility staff, city planners, researchers, engineers, advisors and others with an interest in wastewater management and climate change adaptation in the Nordic region.   Special ... read more

iMETland at European Researchers Night

In the framework of the European Researchers Night 2017, a model simulating the purification and re-use of the wastewater from the houses through the metland was built.   The model is based on a 120 cm by 80 cm piece of fiberboard and it represents a small village. To make the ... read more

IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2017

Buenos Aires, Argentina
November, 13 - 16 2017
The forthcoming edition of the IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition (IWA WDCE2017) will take place from 13 to 16 November 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   The IWA WDCE2017 brings together a global audience of practitioners, utility managers, government officials, ... read more

iMETland at IWA Conference 2017

Buenos Aires, Argentina
13 - 16, November 2017
IWA Water and Development Congress 2017 is taking place on 13 - 16 November 2017, in Buenos Aires and it will be the venue of iMETland presentation by INTEMA: "A New Generation Of Microbial Electrochemical Wetland Tested At Full Scale At Mar Del Plata, Argentina".   The ... read more

Industrial Institute Students visiting iMETland unit

20 students of the Industrial Institute Pablo Tavelli were welcomed by the Vice-Director of INTEMA, Dr. Juan Pablo Busalmen who made an introduction to the activities carried out at the Institute.     Then visited the Pilot Plant for Wastewater Treatments which is part of ... read more

Welcome to Ørby

6, December 2017
Aarhus University and Kilian Water welcome visitors, policy makers and academia to the open house event on the 6th of December 2017, from 2 to 4pm.   The open house represents a great opportunity for iMETland to raise awareness and engage with local citizens, stakeholders and ... read more

iMETland Open Day

In the framework of the World Water Day 2018 initiative, a local Open Day is being organised in Argentina by our innovation partner INTEMA to celebrate the intiative as well as to involve Authorities from the University of Mar del Plata and other Municipalities.   The programme ... read more

Kilian Water at Kloak Messen 2018

Federicia, Denmark
25-26 February 2018
In the framework of the 2018 edition of Kloak Messen conference, iMETland innovation partner Kilian Water has participated and disseminated about the project towards stakeholders and interested organisation in innovative demonstration of wastewater treatment technologies.

iMETland innovation at IV Pan American Wetlands Conference

May, 15-18, 2018
iMETland researchers met last week (May 15th-18th) in Lima, during the celebration of the IV Pan-American Conference on wetland systems for the management, treatment and improvement of water quality. This meeting brought together the best experts in the field with the aim of disseminating ... read more

iMETland at IWA 2018

Valencia, Spain
September 30 - October 4, 2018
iMETland representatives will be active members of the Committee of the 16th International Conference of the IWA Specialist Group on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control, which will take place in Valencia from the 30th of September to October the 4th.   The main topics ... read more

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