Simply giving water a second life

Purifying wastewater in small communities

iMETland is an eco-friendly device which purifies urban wastewater from small communities at zero-energy operation cost, creating a virtuous circle safeguarding local environment and connecting water, energy, ICT and land resources


Integrating Microbial Electrochemical Technologies (MET) with biofilters and electroconductive materials, resulting in 10-fold higher water depuration rates

iMETLand Units

Addressing local communities needs, conciliating people and environment


iMETland unit will treat urban wastewater under Mediterranean climate at Carrion de los Céspedes, Seville.


iMETland unit will treat urban wastewater under North European climate at Ørby.


iMETland unit will treat urban wastewater in south American latitute, at Mar del Plata.


iMETland unit will treat urban wastewater in north American latitude, at Jiutepec.

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Science Communication Event

July 25, 2016
iMETland coordinator, IMDEA Water, attended on July 24th 2016 Sunday the Science Communication Event organised by the European Commission prior to the official opening of the Euro-Science Open Forum, ESOF, in Manchester.   Under Horizon 2020, researchers are asked to engage in ... read more

Next Event


European Utility Week

Barcelona, Spain
November 15-17, 2016
In the framework of the European Utility Week (15-17 November 2016), a dedicated session on smart water will take place.   This crucial event will support the vision of a close cooperation between the water and energy sectors, especially when it comes to the data collection ... read more

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